Work Out – Quick & Easy Shoulder Workout | Define Your Shoulders 

 April 16, 2018

By  busybeebody

This quick and easy workout is perfect for upper body day!

Relieve the pain and tension from your shoulders while defining and toning with this easy workout.

What You'll Need:

Busy Bee Body Resistance Band Kit

The Work Out

1. Pull Apart (Accordion)

  • check
    ​Pull band across chest
  • check
    ​Keep arms long with a slight bend to the elbow
  • check
    ​Keep shoulders down and not scrunched

​2. Chest Press

  • check
    ​Wrap band around back
  • check
    ​Stand tall
  • check
    ​Push arms out front
  • check
    Keep shoulders down and not scrunched

​3. ​Bicep Curl

  • check
    ​Place one handle on the ground and place one foot inside handle
  • check
    ​If placing right foot in handle, grab other handle with right hand. (vice versa)
  • check
    ​Palm facing up
  • check
    ​Curl arm towards body
  • check
    Repeat on other side

​Complete this circuit 3 times.


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