How Durable Are The Busy Bee Body Bands 

 April 16, 2018

By  busybeebody

A common question when evaluating resistance bands is “How durable are they?”

After buying & personally testing all the popular band sets available, I found a common theme that they would break very easily.

Working together with our chief designers I created a mechanism so that my Busy Bee Body kit doesn’t have the common point of failure.

The hook is typically attached to a separate piece that is then attached to the band - this is a weak point causing them to break.

A Genuine Competitor's Review:

Broke 2nd day of using it... Really disappointed

​I was really happy with these bands the first day of using them (when I was doing very easy exercises), but the second day, (when I used them for pilates) the band snapped and got me pretty good on my leg. Very disappointing, considering that I didn't feel like I was stretching it beyond what it was meant for.

With our Busy Bee Body resistance bands we use a different locking mechanism where the band locks directly into the handles.

There is no weak point at all and so you can have peace of mind when using your Busy Bee Body resistance bands.


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