Hi my name is Bekah Morgan.

Throughout my 15 year career as a personal trainer and health and nutrition professional, my goal has been to help people look and feel better.

I'm passionate about helping people improve their poor posture and back pain. My clients were coming in to their sessions after a long day at the office, complaining about how much their neck, back, shoulders and hips hurt from sitting all day. These chronic issues are extremely common because our bodies were not designed to sit hunched over all day.

I have designed my own "Busy Bee Body" resistance band kit together with a series of exercises and stretches, which has proven to produce REAL results. 

‚ÄčOver the years I have presented these techniques at many corporate wellness seminars, teaching desk workers all over the country how to do quick, simple exercises at their desk. I have done countless fitness segments on different news channels, written for health blogs and given tips in various media outlets and online communities. My programs have been a proven success, and now, what was once offered to my private and corporate clients, I can offer to you.

Here is Bekah to introduce herself to you: