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Hi my name is Bekah Morgan. Throughout my 15 year career as a personal trainer and health and nutrition professional, my goal has been to help people look and feel better.

I'm passionate about helping people improve their poor posture and back pain. My clients were coming in to their sessions after a long day at the office, complaining about how much their neck, back, shoulders and hips hurt from sitting all day. These chronic issues are extremely common because our bodies were not designed to sit hunched over all day.

I have designed my own "Busy Bee Body" resistance band kit together with a series of exercises and stretches, which has proven to produce REAL results. 

​Over the years I have presented these techniques at many corporate wellness seminars, teaching desk workers all over the country how to do quick, simple exercises at their desk. I have done countless fitness segments on different news channels, written for health blogs and given tips in various media outlets and online communities. My programs have been a proven success, and now, what was once offered to my private and corporate clients, I can offer to you!

The program works because you can do it throughout the day on your own time. For many people, it's just not realistic to make it to the gym. The average person is stuck at work all day, or is a stay-at-home mom and needs a solution that doesn't make them sweaty and doesn't require much time, space or equipment. My easy to follow exercises can be done at work, at home or while traveling. Everything you need comes in your own portable Busy Bee Body kit!

So, what are you waiting for? If you're sick and tired of living with tight shoulders, an aching back and sore neck, give the Busy Bee Body program a try!

I'll have you moving better in no time!

...and imagine how much better and confident you'll feel...

Busy Bee Body Resistance Band Kit
Busy Bee Body Drawstring Bag
Mini Loops

So​, what's included??

​A complete work out kit in a super convenient bag that is so light and easy you can take it with you anywhere... home, work, vacation, days out, and even the beach!!

Nothing to recharge, no batteries or anything complex to have to plug in!

  • Quality soft but strong handles
  • Configurable weight resistance bands - multiple lengths; up to three (which is hard!!)
  • Mini-Loops for glutes and posture work
  • Door stop to securely anchor resistance bands for the ultimate stretch
  • Your new gym bag - fully closing drawstring that you can carry over your shoulders
  • Easy to follow exercise brochure

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This is an actual testimony sent to me (unsolicited) from a Mom of 7, who is in her 50s. She bought her Busy Bee Body kit, along with the 30 day program recently. She is crazy busy and needed something quick but effective to be able to squeeze in a daily workout (each workout is about 15 minutes).

She has been messaging me every day to stay on track...

DAY 1- Done! My arms and chest feel good right now! This is a great system! Looking forward to where I'll end up!

DAY 2 - I didn't realize just how much I needed this! My booty is on FIYA! After not being able to consistently workout b/c of my leg issues, this feels FANTASTIC! LOVE the bands!

DAY 3 - My back feels fabulous! Thanks for creating this program! It is a Godsend. This really is an arsenal of exercises and stretches that people can do on a daily basis to help with their back issues.

DAY 4 - Day 4 is done! And so am I! Just call me Noodle Arms! Pray that I can get downstairs and hold up my mixing cup with protein in it!

DAY 5 - I SO love the back exercises right now! My back has been carrying a lot of weight lately. We're supposed to EAT rolls, not WEAR them!

DAY 6 - I have that wonderful "burn" in my biceps that let's me know I did the exercises correctly. And ohhhhhh MyLanta that stretch at the end felt REALLY good! Combined with healthy eating choices, I should be where I want to be by summer's end. Rome wasn't built in a day, right?!

DAY 7- Bekah, I'm about to do day 7 and I've noticed that my muscle memory in my shoulders is already changing! I was constantly walking around with my shoulders hunched up and didn't understand why. Now they are DOWN! Wow! Taking the time to do each exercise with proper form is crucial to getting proper results!

DAY 8 - The booty has been BLASTED! This workout targets EXACTLY what you said it will, believe me. I did 3 rounds of the side steps with the heavy mini band! I'm learning that the stronger my butt is, the less pain there is in my lower back. It's weird!

I had another amazing testimonial from cancer survivor Mitch:

​Mitch Lyman

​College Instructor

Post-cancer, my energy level (on a scale of 10) dropped from 8 to -5. After two weeks of using the Busy Bee Body workout kit, I have more energy, sleep better, and think clearer.

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If "Busy Bee Body Kit" doesn't allow me to workout effectively at work... if it doesn't improve my posture without running, lifting weights, planning or sweating... or if it fails to help me fit workouts into my busy schedule, then I understand I will return the kit for a full refund. No Questions Asked!!

To your better fitness and improved health,

Bekah "On Your Side" Morgan

P.S. - There are a million sports and fitness products on the market, but none address the problem of poor posture and related health issues from sitting all day at a desk, or the stresses from being a stay-at-home mom. This IS the solution you've been looking for... I Promise.  Try it, and if you don't agree return for your money back no questions asked.

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